3 Key Ways to Use Social Media Tricks and Marketing for Your Small Business

social media tricks

So, you didn’t think marketing on social media was necessary for your small business? Think again. In our tech and device-driven world, social media marketing is more important than ever, for businesses of every size. 

If you’re creating a marketing plan for your small business this year, keep reading for some social media tricks that will grow your audience and in turn, your profit. 

1. Make a Plan and Set Some Goals 

A great way to make sure you’re tracking your progress and sticking to your plan is by sitting down and identifying goals. Make the main goal, and then identify what actions you will need to take to get there. 

For example, maybe your main goal is to grow your social media followers. Establish how many followers you wish to get this year.

You could then choose three main plans of action to hit your goal. These could be actions such as establishing your brand on social, increasing engagement and creating captivating content. 

Once you have your goals and plan of action established, the rest will follow, and you and your team will have clear goals to work towards. 

2. Analyze Your Audience 

Your next step in upping your social media marketing is to establish your audience or target customer. This will come most in handy by knowing what platforms your customer demographic is using. These will be the platforms you will want to spend the most time on.

If your completely lost on what platforms your customer uses most frequently, try conducting a survey asking them what platforms they use, how often and why. Provide an incentive, such as a discount on their next order or a raffle into a giveaway from your business. 

Once you know what platform your audience is using, you can dominate that platform. Focusing on one or two platforms exclusively can be easier than trying to tackle them all equally. 

Knowing your audience will also help when it comes to knowing how to best reach them. This will help you when creating content, as well as ads on your social platforms. 

3. Engagement Is Everything 

Merely posting on social media is not enough. Make sure you’re engaging with your customers to build trust behind your brand

A great way to begin doing this is by creating engaging content. Creating content that asks your customer questions, or asks for feedback is a great way for your audience to feel they are involved in your companies decision making. This will make them feel that you find their opinions an important aspect of your products or services. 

Keeping up with your audience’s questions and comments is another way to engage with your current or potential customers directly. This shows that your company values customer service, again building your brand’s authority. 

Social Media Tricks Every Small Business Can Benefit From 

If you’re re-evaluating your marketing strategies, integrate these social media tricks into your plan so that you can take your social presence to the next level. 

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