Maverick Media Feeding the Frontline Project

Lets Feed The Frontline!

Salads, sandwiches, pizza, burritos, juices, coffee, and more—free for the heroes on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Maverick Media has partnered with Easton Wine Project to give back to the front line workers.

Every Friday during this shelter in place EWP and the Maverick team will deliver lunches to the essential workers. When I told our agency clients about what we are doing some of them offered to help. Now we also have lunch covered for another day during the week thanks to businesses willing to help.

Thank You To Our Current Meal Sponsors

Morgan Stanley
Scherline & Associates
RMG Insurance
IAM Advisory
Law Office of Blake W Rush
Ann Marie Delany
Diane Delany
Kim Bailey
Kristen Jakobsen
Elaine Rush

Let's Create A Kindness Chain!
each act of kindness will add a link to the chain to help not only restaurateurs, but show the frontlines we appreciate them.
Christine Piper
Giving back is a part of who I am. Personally and professionally. Leaving people better that I found them is one of my most important mantras. During this unprecedented time, I knew that I needed to help, and lunch is just a small way we can say thank you to frontline workers. I believe showing gratitude and kindness is always the answer.
Maverick Media Managing Partner
Maverick Media Feeding the Frontline Project
Maverick Media Feeding the Frontline Project
Maverick Media Feeding the Frontline Project

-My hope is that we can start a chain reaction of other businesses that want to sponsor a lunch!-

Our Partner

⭐ Easton Wine Project

With post office workers, delivery drivers, grocery store staff, doctors, nurses, EMTs, volunteers, and other critical people working around the clock to make sure we are taken care of, it’s no surprise that there’s little time in the day for them to sneak in some sustenance. Fortunately, we have joined efforts with the Easton Wine Project to make sure our miracle workers get the nourishment they need!

Easton Wine Project Owner
Want To Help?

We are looking for our community to help us…

Nominate You Or Another!

Is your company open? We would love to bring you lunch! let us know who you are. If you know of another company who deserves a surprise meal…please tell us!

Want To Contribute?

We are looking to start a “kindness chain reaction”. Let us know if you would like to join us & sponsor lunch for a business in need. There are SO many frontline workers that could use a high-five (& a good meal!)

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