Digital Discussions: What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing

About 73% of leads aren’t sales-ready when they first interact with your brand. In fact, nearly 80% of leads won’t convert.

About 61% of companies struggle to generate leads in the first place.

If you struggle to generate leads and sales, you could struggle to grow your business. Your competitors will take the lead instead. Before that can happen, consider developing an online marketing strategy.

What is digital marketing, exactly? How can it benefit your business? Why should you start working with a digital marketing agency?

Keep reading to find out! After answering these questions, you can make a more informed decision with your business in mind. Read on to learn everything you need to know about online marketing today.

What is Digital Marketing?

First, let’s answer the question that most likely led you here: what is digital marketing, exactly?

Traditional marketing strategies like billboards and cold calling are outbound marketing strategies. In these instances, you go to the customer. Unfortunately, these strategies are often intrusive.

It’s likely you won’t reach customers when they’re in the mood to shop, either. You could waste time on people who don’t want or need your offerings.

With digital marketing strategies, however, you can appear in front of consumers online. Your brand can appear at different touchpoints, too. Appearing on different media outlets will help you develop an omnichannel marketing strategy.

Each time you appear in front of consumers, brand awareness will grow. You might have an easier time remaining top-of-mind with consumers as a result. 

Consumers are already online, searching for products and services. With digital marketing strategies, you can reach these consumers while they’re in a shopping mindset. You might have an easier time drawing them to your business as a result.

Why Does It Matter?

Why exactly should you consider working with a digital marketing company this year? Here are a few benefits of online marketing to keep in mind. 

Working with a knowledgeable, full-service marketing agency can help you experience these benefits and more. 

1. Reach Ideal Customers

With traditional marketing strategies, you can’t always control who your brand appears in front of. For example, anyone can drive past a billboard. Only people in a specific radius might see your flyers or mailers. 

Remember, these consumers aren’t always necessarily ideal customers. You could waste time and money appearing in front of these consumers.

Instead, consider using online marketing strategies that utilize precise targeting.

For example, you can use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to appear in front of consumers in a specific radius. You can tighten your reach by focusing on people in specific age groups. With digital marketing, you can specify your target audience based on demographics and psychographics. 

Then, you can personalize your marketing strategy based on each consumer’s interests, pain points, or lifestyle. Personalization will help you connect with customers. You can create different marketing materials for multiple buyer personas, too.

Appearing in front of your ideal customers will help you save time and money. Your marketing messages will become more effective, too. 

You could have an easier time generating leads and sales as a result. 

2. Generate Brand Awareness and Recognition

It can take over five impressions before consumers become aware of your brand. Without brand awareness, people won’t realize your business exists. You can use online marketing to appear in front of consumers on different channels. 

In fact, consistent branding across all platforms could increase revenue by up to 23%.

You can work with a digital marketing agency to develop a branding campaign. You can use strategies like search engine optimization, social media marketing, and PPC advertising. Each strategy will help you develop awareness.

In time, brand awareness can turn into brand recognition. You’ll have an easier time remaining top-of-mind. The next time a consumer needs a product or service, they’ll recall seeing your brand.

3. Establish Credibility

Consumers want to choose brands they can trust. You can demonstrate your experience and expertise through blog posts and content. Using online marketing will help you establish your credibility.

Establishing your credibility can help you become a thought leader in the industry. Brand trust will grow, and in time, become brand loyalty. Retaining loyal customers can improve your ROI. 

4. Remain Competitive

Chances are your competitors are already using online marketing strategies. Consider researching digital marketing companies this year. They’ll help you remain competitive.

You can get a step ahead of the competition before they get a chance to reach your customers online.  

5. Generate Leads and Sales

Developing an omnichannel marketing strategy will help you reach consumers at different touchpoints. You can draw them to your website and encourage them to reach out. Then, you can start turning more visitors into leads and sales.

Your ROI will continue to rise as a result. 

Digital Marketing Strategies

Consider consulting a digital marketing agency about the different strategies you can use this year.

For example, you can update your website to ensure it’s fast and mobile-optimized. Your website will support other strategies like content creation.

You can use your content to demonstrate your experience and expertise in the industry. Then, search engine optimization (SEO) can optimize your content for search engines. Improving your search engine rankings will help you reach more customers online.

You can also share your content through social media marketing and email marketing. These strategies will help you remain top-of-mind. You can continue nurturing existing leads to boost repeat sales.

Otherwise, you can use paid advertising to boost brand awareness and draw people to your website.

Using these strategies will help you gather helpful data. You can use your data to improve your campaigns. The improvements you make will help you continue boosting your ROI.

What is Digital Marketing?: Your Guide to Growth and Success

To recap, what is digital marketing? Developing an online marketing strategy will help you reach consumers at different touchpoints. You can continue developing brand awareness and drawing traffic to your website.

Then, you can start turning those visitors into leads and sales to improve your ROI.

Want to work with an experienced digital marketing agency this year? We’re here to help.

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