10 Reasons Why Every Business Should Embrace Print Marketing

print marketing

Have you been told print marketing is dead? Pfft… Think again!

With social media becoming the number one advertising method in the new age, it has allowed savvy marketers to take advantage of so-called “traditional” and untapped marketing methods, like print advertising.

Look, social media is incredibly powerful; we get that. However, despite what you may have been told, print marketing is still thriving and can generate huge results.

Read on for ten reasons you should embrace print marketing in your business.

1. People Still Trust Print Ads More

As the Grandfather of advertising, print marketing has built an awful lot of trust with consumers, and they still trust it today over most other advertising methods.

Generally, people spend more time reading and consuming print advertising. Whereas, it’s a lot harder to get someone’s attention on social media which means it will cost you a lot more money to get the same results as you would from print.

2. People Save Print Advertising

When print marketing is done right, consumers really appreciate it, and when a design is beautiful and artistic, they will often save them for years.

One famous example of this was David Ogilvy. His advertisements look so nice that people would actually frame them and put them on their walls.

You can’t get that type of staying power from any other kind of marketing.

3. Information Retention Is High With Print

Studies show that people only stay on websites for around 15 seconds before clicking away to something else. You have to be super good at capturing attention when you are advertising online.

Whereas, with print marketing, consumers take a long time reading all the information on the advertisement, allowing you more time to get your message across and capture the lead or sale.

4. Response Rate Is Higher

Thanks to the increased retention rate, you’ll also see high response rates when using print marketing compared to other forms of advertising.

In fact, studies have shown that some marketers can generate over 1,000 percent return from their print marketing. You just can’t ignore that type of return!

5. Print Advertising Is Cost-Effective

Print marketing services are far more budget-friendly compared to digital ads because of their flexibility. When it comes to TV, Radio, or digital marketing, often the costs are too, or there are limited options.

Whereas, you can always find a print marketing campaign that fits your budget and brings massive success to your business.

6. Not Everyone Is on the Internet.

Despite what you’ve been told, there is still a massive market of people that still do not use the internet to make purchases. Older generations still rely heavily on traditional advertising like TV, radio, and print ads. And thanks to social media advertising, there is a considerable gap in the market for you to fulfill.

7. Print Marketing Builds Stronger Brands

With print ads, you’re more easily able to communicate your brand message to your customers. Plus, you can create more personalized and targeted print marketing strategies that build a relationship with your customers that lasts for life. Just look at companies like Coke, Pepsi, Dyson, etc.

Digital marketing requires having to compete with other companies online, which leads to lower conversions and lower engagement.

8. Grocery Stores Still Make Millions From Print Based Products

Grocery stores around the US are still raking in the money from their printed catalogs, newspapers, and other print materials. This proves in itself that print will never die. People will always want to pick up a tangible book, catalog, or advertisement, often in favor of the equivalent on a digital screen.

9. Print Marketing Is Easier To Read Than Digital

Studies show that despite the digital era, many people still prefer paper to a digital screen. They find picking up a piece of paper, book, newspaper, or catalog easier to read than having to continuously scroll on their device, constantly losing their place and accidentally zooming in and out on repeat.

Your consumers want to be able to consume your information quickly and easily. The more your information frustrates them or confuses them, the faster you will lose that consumer for life.

10. Millennials Respond Exceptionally Well to Print Ads

Think Millennials only read Facebook news, watch YouTube, or generally anything that’s behind a screen? Think again.

According to studies, Millennials (people born between 1980 and mid-1990s) are still consuming print. In fact, despite loving their smartphones, they are becoming more and more likely to consume print material than email.

There’s still a novelty to receiving something tangible in the mail, and it remains excited to see the bright colors, bold headlines, and glossy images land at your door, and Millennials are proving that’s true.

Want to Take Advantage Of Print Marketing In Your Business?

Hopefully, this article and these print marketing tips have shown you just how powerful print advertising still is for business marketing. The results you can generate from print ads, even in today’s social media and digital marketing world, are extraordinary.

There is a real gap in the advertising world, and it’s called print marketing. If you’d like to take advantage of that gap, we at Maverick Media would love to help you.

As someone running a business, you might not have the time to do all of the marketing yourself, which is where we come in.

As a marketing agency, we know the importance of print marketing and have a specialized print marketing management team ready to invest their time in helping you get more leads and sales from print ads. To find out more, or start working together, get in touch with us today!

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