2019 Super Bowl Ads We Love

4 Super Bowl Commericals Maverick Marketing Loves

From the halftime performance to the game itself, Super Bowl LIII was full of mixed reviews. Happy and not-so-happy fans. As for the TV spots, check out our three favorite Super Bowl commercials below and why.

Stella Artois “Change Up The Usual”

Kevin Redmond – VP, Director of Growth & Innovation. It’s a cause also championed by fellow star and the Water.org co-founder, Matt Damon.

The iconic characters didn’t simply ditch their signature drinks on a whim. The campaign behind the commercial is a partnership between the beer maker and the charity Water.org, as part of the a #PourItForward campaign to bring clean water to those in the developing world. It gets our attention by using characters who we love, and it leverages their cred (and willingness to stray from their signature cocktails) to promote Stella.

Our partnership with Stella Artois has enabled us to help millions. By bringing the global water crisis to a stage as big as the Super Bowl — and with a little support from friends like Jeff Bridges and Sarah Jessica Parker — we hope to reach even more.

Matt Damon

Verizon’s “The Team That Wouldn’t Be Here”

Lindsey Campbell – Associate Creative Director

This commercial is a 12-part documentary series by Peter Berg that pays tribute to the first responders who rescued various NFL players, as well as Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn, from life-threatening injuries. This commercial made us feel something, and it was smart. Using real football players who made it through bad accidents thanks to first responders just made sense for when this was airing. And the tie to Verizon was stronger than we thought it was going to be while watching. Two thumbs up, tears and all.

First responders answer the call. Our job is to make sure they can get it.

Verizon Executive

Amazon Alexa “Not Everything Makes the Cut”

Mark Bappe – VP, Creative Director

Alexa has become such a part of everyone’s everyday vernacular from every home in middle America to Southern California. While everyone else is trotting out the biggest stars they can find, we like how Lucky Generals seamlessly integrated some star-power into the idea that there were some bad ideas that didn’t “make the cut.” Harrison Ford and Forest Whitaker, two unexpected Hollywood heavyweights playing themselves, added to the power of this ad. The spot opens at Amazon Headquarters, where an employee asks the microwave, through Alexa, to heat up her pasta. Two other employees talk about how Alexa is being put into a lot of “stuff’ now, but there were plenty of “fails” along the way.

We love the award-winning performance of the Boston Terrier!

A lighthearted poke at how technology is helping our lives, but sometimes can have its downfall. It was a fun commercial.

Harrison Ford
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